Ramon Tissler
Entrepreneur, WordPress and SEO Expert

Biography of Ramon Tissler

What am I doing at the moment?

At the moment I am working as a managing director at Robin GmbH in Wiesbaden and I am working in the field of webdesign and online marketing (SEO). I am in charge of more than 200 company-owned websites as well as some external clients within my core competences web design, SEO (also local), web strategy etc. At the moment I am mainly dealing with entities and E-A-T as important SEO factors for the future.

The years 2001-2020: an exciting time as an entrepreneur

Foundation of College Contact as an agency for study abroad

At the end of 1999, parallel to my last employment in Frankfurt at moneyshelf.de, Deutsche Bank subsidiary, I became self-employed and founded my first company directly after completing my marketing studies in the USA and Germany. The starting signal of College Contact was a nationwide RCDS business start-up competition, where I was able to win the 2nd place with my concept of a placement service for German students and high school graduates to foreign universities. The led the successful agency as managing director with up to 20 employees until October 2020.

Foundation of the Sports Scholarships, agency for athletic scholarships

The contacts and ideas resulting from College Contact were the reasons to split off the sports scholarship agency business with name Sport-Scholarships, which was initially still integrated into College Contact. Later, I ran Sport Scholarships with a business partner as part of the Liedgens & Tissler GbR and an own team of up to five employees from 2003-2016.

Affective Internet Services

At the same time I used the seasonal personnel capacities of my companies to create my own small web agency called affective in 2010 (until 2016). Through affective, I was able to go after my various internet ideas.

Foundation of the International Education Network GmbH & Co KG for magazine and fairs

I used the many contacts in the education industry through College Contact to tackle other projects in the education sector. From 2005 to 2010, together with another business partner named Thomas Terbeck, I issued a magazine for education and careers abroad called itchy feet into with a total circulation of 200.000 copies as the first product of newly founded International Education Network GmbH & Co KG. In addition, our company organized the international education fair away at 5 attractive locations in Germany.

The years 1998 bis 2000: Professional experience as marketing and product manager

After my marketing studies in the USA and Germany in 1998, I was looking for job offers, where I could successfully apply my Internet and marketing knowledge, which I had already acquired in the USA. Consequently, my professional career started with employment contracts as marketing and product managers in various internet-based companies.

Productmanager at Immobilienscout24 GmbH

As an „employee of the first hour“ at Immobilienscout24, I was able to work as a product manager, responsible for parts of the web presence and experience live the first television commercials of the online real estate platform. The exciting time in Berlin around the year 1999-2000 was characterized by the known internet hype and networkingoptions in the flourishing online industry.

Projectmanager bei ibroker GmbH

Through gained contacts in the online estate industry, I was convinced to engage in a 4-month project at startup company iBroker GmbH, where I designed the interface and function of a central real estate software, that aimed to gather real estate information and distribute this information to major existing real estate online platforms.

Marketingmanager at all-in-green.com GmbH

In 2001, I gained further Internet marketing experience as marketing manager in the Frankfurt startup all-in-green.com, a unique direct online marketing platform. Here I was responsible for the development of the website as well as print advertising.

Online Marketing Manager at moneyshelf GmbH

The following position as an Online Marketing Manager at moneyshelf.de, subsidiary of Deutsche Bank, did not last long: after a few months I felt I needed to quit because to pursue my business idea College Contact.

Marketing studies in the USA and Germany as a foundation stone

During my MBA in the USA from 1994 to 1996, I had my first contact with the Internet which was at that time still completely unknown in Germany. I was fascinated by the possibilities that this new medium already offered at that time. My marketing studies in the USA and subsequently in Germany have given me the necessary theoretical marketing background to use this practical online marketing know-how in employment and later in my business start-ups.